Louise Weir


Expectations of the Past



Louise Weir will discuss new and recent work she has produced for her exhibition “Expectations of The Past” and the importance of landscape and memory within her methodology.  Louise invites the viewer on an investigatory journey of memory, identity and loss with a body of work including artworks and texts informed by the novel “Great Expectations” by Charles Dickens, which also examines these themes within its narrative.

Discussing how specific texts can help us examine our own emotional landscape whilst also considering the influence from past memories and events at the time of making. Louise has repeatedly visited locations from the book and those from her own history, texts and childhood home. Elements from each location fragment, reappear and echo to create a mysterious place where these overlapping stories and memories meet and converse.

This dialogue between the past and present is reflected in Louise’s methodology, which uses a combination of traditional and digital processes, which includes producing large-scale and sketchbook drawings. These have acted as a starting point for further investigation in the print studio at Solent School of Art (where she works as lecturer in Illustration) and her studio in Hackney.

Louise will be exhibiting a series of artist’s books, which feature her own texts and artworks, which will combine digital prints, bookbinding and letterpress.  Louise chose to use letterpress to connect the work to a time when its use was commonplace, which includes the historical period referenced within “Great Expectations”.  This work will be exhibited in a solo show at the Showcase Gallery, which opens in December 2016 during The British Art Show Fringe.  She will be running a variety of workshops and activities promoting the value of sketchbooks, drawing and creative writing as a tool for self-exploration.  In addition to this there will be an introduction to Letterpress in workshop sessions where participants will acquire /develop skills in this print technique, setting their writing in metal type for print on a portable Adana printing press.


Louise Weir is an artist and illustrator based in East London who works on a wide range of commissions as well as producing authorial work. Her work sits comfortably within Fine Art and Illustration arenas and is exhibited in the UK and internationally, with work held in several archives and private and public collections.

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