Rebecca Heavner

The Agency of Landscape and Metaphor in Conceptual Illustration


This paper will define and investigate meaningful ways metaphors are used with 2-D design principles to develop contemporary conceptual illustrations in practice. Through this writing, the author addresses several gaps in current publicationsand presents the development of a framework to analyze or to develop new conceptual illustration worksThe author discusses how landscape, a moving system of changeis viewed as a stage for objectifying the idea into a comprehensive illustrative message, thereby reducing complexity found in landscape to a visual based on a single view in time and space.  Conceptual illustrations are commonly constructed from methods of listingchoices of text and metaphor to communicate clearly. To date, there is no conceptual illustration framework or matrix that facilitates the use of text in the development a conceptual illustration. There is a relationship between the readability of the illustrative message and the underlying structures found in image + word. The act of naming becomes a fundamental strategy for making conceptual illustrations.


Rebecca Heavner is lead instructor of the illustration emphasis, a BFA program in the Visual Arts Department within the College of Arts & Media at the University of Colorado, Denver.  Heavner has practiced illustration for over twenty-five years–and landscape architecture with firms in Virginia and Colorado. 

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