Kostis Kounadis


Demapping Metropolises


‘Demapping Metropolises’ is a series of projects that re-explore the urban landscape through the lens of critical cartography and illustration.
The project, being heavily process dependent, begins with the photographic documentation of various unplanned walks—drifts—in the urban landscape that in turn provides the basis for an elemental deconstruc-tion of the modern metropolis—a break down to basic forms, shapes, lines and grids, textures and patterns.
These structural elements, created by merging, subtracting, enlarging and reducing, are employed in vari-ous visual experiments in an attempt to express situations and relations in the contemporary city.
Sharing techniques and concepts from the fields of critical cartography and illustration, the artifacts produced in form of books, experimental publications, prints, maps and abstract compositions communicatethoughts and ideas on how the urban environment is perceived non-linearly or -spatially but based on notions and speculations to eventually compose a critique on socio-political issues of the modern metropolises.
The projects rely upon the critical ideas and practises derived from the thesis research “Critical Cartography & Illustration : Critical Ideas and Practices” which examines the connection between illustrationand cartography in political and historical contexts.


Kostis K. is a printmaker, illustrator and graphic designer currently based in London, UK.
Born and raised in Athens, Greece and having studied Products and Systems Design Engineering in Syros island, he spent his summers hopping around the greek islands and travelling around Europe. He completed his MA in Illustration and Visual Media at London College of Communication with the project “Demapping Metropolises”.

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